How do I start this one

Why bother
Why bother to communicate with this one
every time I do it hurts
it reaches inside my heart and yanks it out
only to throw it back and see how it lands
Does he hurt more or less this time
Will he stand tall when he receives his kick
or crumble from the pain
as he has been doing for 6 months now
I gave her what she wanted, I deleted her from me
erased everything, trashed it all (except for 1)
and, yes love I emptied the fuckin trash…
I chocked up as I did it, been sleeping badly ever since
oh well, she got me to do it
all for her and none for me
I’ll just fold turn in my cards
and call it a day
While I wait for my next bit of hell to appear
sooner than one cares to think but it must be done
Departure is on its way
It will be hell, fire, and brimstone
I will try for that not to happen but as she will say
you are my everything
followed by
I do everything for you, I’ll do anything whatever you want
You dear have refused too many time and I must go now
sorry but that is the way…
Shit will fly, from everywhere… let us pray she doesn’t kill me
or let us pray that she does…
I am not doing this for you, but it was you that showed me
what i needed, and was not getting any of..
So, homewrecker you are not but yes you are for without you
I would still be sitting around waiting for nothing that will ever come
TY my queen, my mistress, my lover, my whore… I shall be alone soon
and I promise not to let you know…


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