How’s this for a concept

We met years ago, worked together, but different departments, our paths barley crossed. Hellos and how are yous were fine, not even a cup of jo was had between us and then last year a spark was lit and we pursued. Love came into the picture, she was my queen and I her master which turned into “the greatest love the world has ever seen, that of Cesar and Cleopatra” is how we played our game. I totally fell into it and she just played along until the break up and then, as past writings will attest to, Cleo killed Cesar.
That was it, our affair was done, we all know it was incredibly hard for me to handle and the more I think about it the more reasons I come up with as to why, but that is not today’s story. Today’s story has to do with the world and what has happened since our breakup. You see our affair ended in December of last year, the 5th to be precise. Since then there have been revolutions in the Middle East, one of which seems ok, the other seems like a sham and there are still others still being fought. There has been major earthquakes through out the world, tsunami’s and the failure (meltdown) of 4 major nuclear power plants, tornado’s ravaging across the states, the death of a major player in the terrorist system, and god only knows what will be next. It does not feel right, and neither did our break up. What if all this is happening because of the demise of “the greatest love the world has ever seen” Cesar & Cleo? Could our breakup have pissed off the gods, were we supposed to be together and mold this love we created into the beautiful thing it could have been? And what if I was right, what if we were the return of those two lovers, and the gods played it so well that the timing was perfect and we were supposed to grow with/from it? Could all of this shit happening in the world today been caused by Cleo killing Cesar? What a concept that would be.
Now understand from me, I have been in love before, for sure three solid times and thinking in each one that this is the lasting one, but none of them compared to what we had, and she also having been in love before had told me that she two had never felt a love like ours before.WHAT IF I AM RIGHT? What if this really was it and now that it is over the Gods are sooooo pissed off that they are taking it out on the world?
Just a thought.

M, I do still miss you…A


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