A lock of her hair

Getting dressed this morning put on a shirt that hasn’t been worn in a while
and there it was, a single lock of her hair stuck on the shirt in the middle of my chest
the exact spot where she used to lay her head when she relaxed into my arms.
It brought back all the memories again, all the feelings that were felt for her
while we were in love, and all the tears for her ever since she left.
I still miss this woman so much it is at times unbearable.
We never spoke after the break up, except for a few minutes under
the protection of a work environment, and for that I am still grieving.
I picked the hair up and looked at it to make sure it was hers, it was
there is no other color like that one here. i picked it up and let it shine in the light
A tear tried to form in my eye of which I fought back, I brought that hair towards my lips
and let it caress them then I kissed it with all I had and placed it back on my chest.
I checked it from time to time through out the day to make sure it was still there
it actually brought me some comfort to see it still, towards the end of my day I went to
drive home, before putting the key into the ignition I took one more look and it was gone.
I checked, and checked and it no longer with me. I slumped down behind the wheel thinking
of the last day we spent together, she took me into her bed and talked small talk for hours
would not allow anything else to happen, talked about nothing i can remember, rubbed my chest
held my hand and then it was time to go, she had someone she had to pick up and help move
and I had to beat the traffic. She got out of bed walked towards her closet, pulled on a pair of jeans
removed her gown and there she was topless for me to see the beauty of her bare skin, her breasts
staring at me almost as if they were saying goodbye, “I’ll wear this” she said as she pulled on a sweater
going bra-less, she looked so hot! I did not want to leave, I wanted her more at that very point than ever before
but leave we did with just a kiss goodbye.
My God I still miss her so, i am writing this with tears in my eyes thinking of the email I got later that day
when she said that she was too sorry that we left that way and that she was chocking up as she drove down that road
But that was it, we have never seen each other again without other people around, never met again no matter how
hard I tried, she has gotten what she wanted and I am so far from her… I do miss her so…. sigh…


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