Yup… it’s Friday…

And here I am again just wondering what it would have been like
had we kept on the way we were
I always wonder that
and yet I wonder how I could have blown us so far apart with my actions
A quick review, we met, we loved, we broke apart. Simple enough,
it happens every day in every way and this one seemed right and logical
But I could not deal, I wanted us always, never to leave, never to part, never to be without.
Oh well, I blew this so far out of proportion that I should suffer many eternity’s in hell for my actions.
All I wanted was to be together, and all I have is nothing.
Again, my fault… the break went fine, we talked about it and the reasons why, even agreed I did.
She still loved me but could no longer “love” me. Fine, we were to be friends forever, everything was good
I still had her, she was a great friend, an understanding sole, and beautiful, what more could anyone want?
Thats what I wanted, I wanted all of her and I tried everything and any stupid thing to get that to happen and failed every time.
Her mind was made up and mine was desperate, I was determined to make it happen and all i did was make it fail.
I am sorry my love, all I wanted was you, and all you wanted was me no longer. I still shed tears for all that happened
and all I am missing.
We are now down to no communication, a quick hi if we ever see each other, and I still, STILL feel a broken heart and soul over this.
Yea, it is Friday… and yes, I miss her still…


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