What is it about Fridays that get me so down
I don’t get it, every Friday I am depressed
I get mad at the world for any and every reason
I’ve got an attitude so big that I just want to poop myself
and cry about the fact that i am still here
while others are dying everywhere else
Fridays do not make me happy
it is the end of the week and I am now sad
I do not drink, smoke, get high, screw, love, party,
enjoy other people, I have not fucked my wife in years
and even a mistress I could not fuck, timing was everything
and our timing never happened. So what is with me?
Am I always like this? No, I have some really good days,
it is just every Friday I feel this way. I do not work on Friday,
maybe that is the reason, i am home, alone, trying to get things done
and hating every second of the day. It blows… really it does.
Motivating myself to do anything becomes next to impossible, shit
i even try to lie down for a nap and I can’t fall asleep. Fridays are
just a day for me to bitch about and I am bitching now. Anybody have
any ideas?
Yea… I didn’t think so…


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