Yes I have them and no it is not from epilepsy, it is from a brain disorder that stopped some blood vessels from forming into capillaries at birth. It is pretty bad and I should not still be alive but I am… lucky I guess. The seizure only affects the right side of my body and I have never had any kind of a black out, or grand mal seizure. But if any of you were ever wondering what it is like to go through one of these little bastards I shall explain the best I can.
A seizure is a weird thing, if you have ever or do ever see someone having one it looks as though they are just flailing around in the wind, arms, legs just flipping around madly with no control. I have seen people imitate seizures (humor…) and they are not that far off but yet they are millions of miles off at the same time.
What happens during a seizure is all the muscles in the affected area flex and relax and repeat over and over again. So if you flex your bicep for example you tighten those muscles and then relax them right? Right, now try to imagine that all the muscles in the arm flex and relax at the same time, now take it further, all the muscles get broken down into tiny parts. So instead of one muscle you now have thousands of little muscles flexing and letting go all at different times, the times being so fast, milli, micro, and nano seconds, that to the eye it looks like the arm flailing around but to the person having the seizure it is a hell almost not worth living. All of these little muscles twitching, releasing… if you look at it, it seems like a horror movie with all these parts bumping up and down all over and not stopping.
I am lucky in that it is only affecting my arm, but to others that have more of their body affected it is a nightmare every time. I am also lucky in the fact that my seizures only last a few minutes with the worst one being over 5 minutes. In that one i felt electrical shocks running up and down my arm and I was begging to black out so I would no longer feel it, I didn’t of course but it hurt like hell and took days to recover from.
I tell you this because it is a part of me, I have had three seizures this month with the worse one in years happening yesterday, 4 min 10 sec almost electrical but stopped before it got there completely. I’ll be better in a few days, thanks
If you wish to comment or question then please do so, I’ll look forward to it.

-I write for me


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