The Evil Thing Called Love

What do you when its up to you
When she says she wants to stay
But all the while she really means
that she wants you to send her away
the problem here is that of course
you want to stay and play
The playfulness of children, of young adults
Of people first in lust
Then the evil thing comes aboard
The evil thing called love
Love is brutal, love is kind
Love is something that got left behind
She says she loves you yet all the while
She wants to go away
Will be not ahome wrecker is she
Of that there is no way
But of seduction, oh seduction
That for sure is hers to stay
As long, as fulfilling, as wanting to
Until she says to you,
“just go away”
the game is over, there is no more
no one here to say
I love you darling, I love you dear
Don’t ever go away
But away it is, and away it will, and away I have to be
For once she loved me, once she did
And now…
I am away


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