You want me to be what?

You want me to be happy
That’s what you want, me being happy
Well if you wanted that you would not have shut us down
With the love we had, so strong and true
I could not have been any happier
But why you say that now, after my fits of anger
After my utter disgust
After my desperation to find a way to keep us together
After the torture you put me through
After the pain I have endured
After the tears that have streamed from my eyes
After anything and everything I have tried and failed to pull us back
You want me to be happy
Uh… no, can’t happen and won’t
I will never feel he happiness I felt with you again
I still scream for you in my dreams
I still want to be with you anytime and all the time
I still feel you in my arms
I still have the tears from when you said no more


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