You got me to write again

I am so mad at you today
I have yet to come to grips with what you have done
in one of your swift and powerful moments
you took what had become a major part of my life
and ended it
Everything caught me today
the fact that the whole of us is actually gone
now we become friends, acquaintances, colleagues
from mistress, lovers, and having soul touched
becomes one of the hardest things for me to do
I’ll get over it, no prob really, in fact I probably am
but just releasing a ton of shit left hanging now
so yea, I’m pissed, so much so that
I have not been in years
I want to yell at you, curse you out
tell you what a shit you are for what you have done
and that is just the beginning of what I am feeling
It is release emotions time, get them all out
for they will never come back again
no matter what, I can never feel what I did with you
even if you want to, it won’t be the same, and
you won’t want to so,
I am so mad at you today
so much so I want to tell you to
go fuck your self, don’t ever come into my eyesight again
take whatever minute amount of love you had
and shove it so far that it can never be seen again
but I know the problem is
that if I ever look into your eyes again, ever touch your hand
ever feel you hair,
I will melt like wax on a candle with a flame so high
that I am pouring out of every cell that my body has
I fuckin’ hate you now that I love you
I am so pissed now that I still love you
I am fucked that I am not fucking you
and every emotion I ever had for you
is so pissed off at me that it sucks!!!
to be me today
but, tomorrow I’ll be fine,
and Sunday I’ll be painting
and I’ll see you on Wednesday
and it will never be the same again.
you got me to write again
so deal with it.

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