i saw you here not a moment ago
i swear it was you
could it be we missed each other
in our own destiny
i felt your breeze, it smelled like you
the beauty that you behold
i do not know how it could not have been
and the wonders you once told
i turned and looked, and looked again
but no you were not there
i thought of when i touched your cheek,
wanted to caress your hair
but alas when i reached for you,
you know you were not there
is this what it is like to miss someone
so dear and so untold
or am I just dreaming of the night about to unfold
no its true, it is you there again
with your auburn hair, your sweet blue eyes
and those lips so perfect just to kiss
but when I reach, and reach again it is you that is not there
or maybe, maybe it is me this time
and you are actually right here
and all the time I reach for you it is me that is not there


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