Once again the evil that lurks in the hearts of men
has come forward to expose himself to me
She asked me to delete everything
she said she had a reason
she came back and said
not to think about it just do it
delete any and every communiqué
ever from her and while I was at it
shut down the address too.
WTF do I know why?
what is she paranoid about now…
Well of course I will not do it
i have cleaned up a lot of the old ones anyway
and the ones I didn’t I plan on keeping
and nothing that she doesn’t tell me
will change that.
I told to fuck off, leave me alone
just get out of here, I hurt enough
still as it is
Response: Ooh, looks like I got the mad one
well… duh, yea…
tell me nothing and you get the mad me
tell me something and you get someone to talk to
so, leave me alone!
and she did/has/is…
which, of course, is not what I wanted
but is what i have
Nothing, not a word, not a sound
I saw the back of her head as she walked by
and what did i do…
why, throw some tears of course…
what a pussy i have turned into
what a cheap piece of shit
so I wrote a letter asking how she does it
no reply, probably deleted
sent her the blog address
so she can see all my writings
probably deleted them too
called… no answer, no voice mail
I think I might have pissed her off for good this time
This is good, right?
Then why did I cry for her all day yesterday
wishing for her back in my arms again
knowing all too well that that won’t be
will somebody that has been this much in love
kindly tell me how to turn it off?!!!


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