So now i feel your pain, it brings tears to me
not of the joyful kind
they make me want to say “ok” we shall go now
but I cannot bring myself to those words
double problems of which I see
the joy for you is greater than the pain for me
and now I feel the pain
I am in sorrow when i was just glad, i need to feel you
but I know that you are sad, happy, and sad
it is tough to say I love you when someone else is there
but it is true, i do, and what about you, you do too
and feel the pain that now we are in, the sadness that comes with love
it is not right, oh yes we know, and that is the trouble of our love
and now i feel the pain
I love you more than anyone could know and it is not the childish kind
oh no my dear this is for real, I do, I will, I have, and now I hurt
the pain that goes along with our love will last as long
longer than our love will
even if we go forever the pain will come along
on and on and on
the pain will come along
so what do we do, do we stop you here, go no further
the increase of the pain, it will hurt so long, i think I would rather die
and what if we go on, the pain comes to, so what do we do
live with our pain, suffer with our suffering, cry when we are alone
so no one else can see `cause no one else can know
and now I feel the pain
Yo… I can live with that, can you, i think that might be the weak spot
you have your religious rules, you angel and devil whispering in your ears
while I whisper to you my love
your history goes back thousands of years, that history says we don’t belong
the sides we supported say we are wrong, the commandments state absolutely no
so does the legality of our situation
and now i feel the pain
so what do I do when it feels so right, when just to hold you releases all the pressures of the world
I have never felt this before, I love to be loved by you, I love to Love you
and you, feeling the amount I love, having never felt before either
the feeling of addiction falling all over you, wanting no more and more is what you want
together we feel the pain
can I end, do you want me to end, yes… I know
can we live with what we have, of this I do not know
do we go back, find our old ways, be our old selves, no i do not think so
maybe we do, bear the pain, continue on like nothing, friends, hi how are you, i can not do so
forever together I will have my solo tears, not the kind of joy but yet yes they are…
together the pain is there, together we feel the pain, together is where I want to be.


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