Now? Please…

Today I am feeling lost
the love I want is gone
I am done with tears
I just want to be left alone
Today I am feeling age come on
it is not that I am old
it is just that I feel the age coming
my time for joy may just have past
my health is showing its signs
age is around the corner
and I am wishing to be gone
The joys I had seem to be no more
the ones that made me laugh and scream
I feel as though they are memories of old
so long ago they may not have been.
I don’t like to go out, i don’t like to stay in
i have no friends to speak of
and I don’t want to have any
I want to be me but the me I want left long ago
i am left with a me thats just waiting
waiting for the end to appear
It is bound to happen, it has to happen
the only way to get another one is to get out of this one
and this one is too hard to leave.
Pass me on, who ever hears, let me have my way
let me leave, let me go, let me take this pain away
I’ll say goodbyes, I’ll stop and say
Thank you all for my time with you I really want to stay
but all the while I want to go, I want to go away.
Take me , take me, my gods,
my angels, my kings and queens
let me come home and live with you
and don’t throw me away
let me stay up in the clouds
and let this world go play.


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