No More This Time

So Cesar is gone, buried in his grave
the ruler of the many lands is no more
His loves hand has taken him away
so that she might find her cure.

She misses him, but won’t admit
to herself or any of her peers
but deep inside she knows, she feels,
she wishes that he was still here

The cure she sought was to be free
away from his needs and desires
but what she found was what she feared
she loved him and his mire

So now she walks up to the grave
where her lover and she once stood
where she and he once hugged and kissed
where they once thought upon their love that could

Last a life time and many more since then
but the pain, the agony, the fear, the fright
the tears, the needs, the wants and desires
would not allow this love another night

There she stands with bouquet in hand
of black roses with a red one centered
placed upon the plaque of his demise


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