Last night I had another Dream

it started out the same, with the glowing image in the corner of the room
and as it came closer I shivered and knew it was you…
only this time was different, you went right for my chest and lied down upon it
you felt neither cold nor warm, in fact you were shaking or shivering I could not tell which but I wrapped my arms around you to hold you tighter
it seemed to calm you down but as i took a closer look at you in my arms I realized something was wrong, the glow from you was lower than I remembered in the dream past. I went to stroke your hair and it felt sort of, well, sticky. I smelt your hair and it smelled as though there was dirt in it, a kind I have never smelled before. Suddenly we were nude, you still on top of me and I harder than ever before. As you slowly slid down to a point that we were suddenly at the point of my entering you I held your head and gave it a kiss. It was then I realized that the smell of your hair and the stickiness I was felling was blood in your hair. I lifted your head to see your face and there were tears of blood flowing down your cheeks. As I tried to lift you to see more your body started to shake and vibrate, and your body slowly entered mine. Just before your head entered my chest you looked up and whispered “help me baby, help me…” And then you were gone.
I freaked, not knowing what had happened and where it might have happened. Then I remembered you had gone to Cairo. I got up out of bed and stepped to my right and suddenly I was fully clothed and flying as in SL. I was on my way to Cairo and had no Idea how and where but was…
I was in Tahrir Sq. meeting with people that knew you and no one had seen you yet. Johnny was there and he told me that the two of you got separated at the airport and he has not been able to find you. I spun around and flew and checked every police station, every room at the airport, and all hospitals which is where I found you. You looked like hell, your face beaten, eyes so swollen and blue, one of your arms was broken, and your legs were so swollen that they looked like blue as though your veins were popping out. They were getting ready to take you to surgery to replace your liver that was so large and extended that they were going to replace it but they didn’t have another one. They were going to take it out and hook you up to some machine.
I asked them to wait, sat down next you you in the bed, you looked up, saw me and started crying. Tears of blood were flowing again, I reached down to hold you and you whispered “baby, I love you” and fell into a coma or asleep or something else that I can’t describe. I picked you up and held you tight and the next thing I know we were flying again, heading west towards the sun and I awoke.

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