Last night I had a dream

I was lying in bed asleep in my dream when I felt something in the room.
I opened my eyes just enough to see a white glow in the left corner of the room. It was closer to the ceiling than the floor, but certainly was there. Just floating around, checking things out and then it looked at me. I got chills up my spine and down my arms, goose bumples they can be called, and as I had these feelings the glow was ever so slowly coming towards me. The closer it came, the more I realized, it was a distinct resemblance of you. It floated closer and closer to my bed and finally and so gently, landed on my chest in a position that was kneeling across me. It was so you, every iota, every everything except you were glowing, was this your spirit, I wanted to ask, but as I took the breath to do so you put your finger to your mouth as if to say shhhhhhh….
You then caressed my face; ever so gently it could barely be felt. My left cheek, my right cheek, following the beard line as you had our first meeting together. Your hands slowly glided down my neck to my chest and there, the most amazing thing happened. You placed hands just above my heart. Your hands started to vibrate ever so gently and glow a little brighter, and as your hands vibrated you were able to reach inside me, there was no pain associated with this, just a ever so fine touch, until you reached my heart.
You slightly stroked my heart, even lighter than you did my beard, and stroked it again,. I even felt you pat it once, and then you put your hands around my heart and removed it from my chest. It was in your hands and then you smiled, stroking my heart again you slowly raised it to your lips and gave my heart a kiss, as you did a more defined and brighter glow appeared upon the spot you were kissing, you raised your lips and blew a kiss towards me, another glow, which landed directly on my lips. A smile again appeared on your face, a glow also in your eyes as your hands began to vibrate again as you returned my heart into my chest and its resting/working place. I blinked my eyes to clear a tear and when I looked at you, you were gone…
I got up out of bed and sat down in the bathroom. I was awake, I shook my head, what just happened? Was this really a dream, or was this really you, and if it was you was that your spirit, your soul coming to say goodbye? Are you there this morning? Are you still with us, or is it time to cry…


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