Just like all the rest

In a way I am just like all the rest
those that you were able to snare
whenever you wanted or whenever you cared
enough to do so.
I am like the rest for I don’t want you to leave
I have more joy in our short time together
than I have ever felt in my life but
I know that leaving is what you do so
I am at a loss of what to do or what to say
to you to get you to stay
I know it is not what you want or how you
wanted it to be but that is what we created
for ourselves and thats the way it shall be
the thing I know the most is the thing that can not be
“I don’t care about tomorrow right here with you
is where I want to be…”
We are in the break up point and you have left
me, but we are still in touch and I am still wanting
every second of your possibility
To be with you and you to be with me
I just need to know how a love so strong
can become a love that just goes away
For a month now, maybe more, I can not deal
very well, I think, I dream, I wander in your face
I see you driving away, I hear you say no,
all for a good reason that you have
not that you don’t love me but it is just too sad
not to be there to cry for me, not to have a hold of my hand
the hiding from others is way to hard to handle
and when the death bell tolls you want to be holier
than now
What can be holier than what we had now
yes it is wrong, yes you have been there before
so he already knows the history however
you have just had a love that you have never had before
stronger, kinder, almost holier than thou
you made someone so happy as he did for you
isn’t that what he wants? His followers happy in love
Who knows, I don’t, I just know one thing
and one thing only
I still love you, still want you, I soooo miss you but

“I would rather have had it and felt the passion and the eventual pain than to have never tasted it at all in spite of the anguish I am going through now.”

Hmmmm, I wonder if this is still true?


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