Just Let It All Go

once I said I’ve had enough
I just can’t take anymore
I need to close my heart to you,
my eyes must see past the illusion of what was
onto what must be
How the hell does one do so
where is the on/off switch
there must be one somewhere
is it the back of my brain
or maybe the front of my heart
wherever it is it must be found
for this can not linger anymore
so long it seems I have been dealing
with this pain and agony
the one that says let go
but all I do is linger on and watch
as more tears start to flow
whatever it is, whatever it was
matters not any more
I was in love, i am no more
but something is blocking the door
It won’t let me out, it won’t let me in
it won’t let me re-begin, it just lingers
on and on and on and on
but somewhere, somehow, someway, someday
this thing has got to go
power down, reboot already, get a new battery
do something you bastard, enough already
let the `effin bitch go
cause once you do you’ll feel alright
you’ll be able to sleep through the night
the dreams will stop, the tears will stop
just let it all go…


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