I Sat On A Wall Today

I sat on a wall today, watching and waiting
to see you come by
I knew you would, it was just a matter of time
so I sat there, watching, waiting
I felt like a fool standing there doing nothing
but waiting
folks would come by, asking if I was ok
and of course I was,
sort of,
in a way
just waiting for a student I would say
which was enough to make them go away
but reality says I was waiting
waiting for you
I needed to see you, I needed a glance
I just had to see you again and I was waiting
to watch you walk away
I felt like an ass, maybe this is what a stalker
on the day after Lennon died
I stood there and waited for another glance of you
Then you appeared, walked into another room,
then back to the one you came
and then out again,
I watched you walk down the hall thinking
that I am still in love with you,
I watched as you turned to go away
thinking that you never felt my presence
you never knew I was there
you left and so did I
my problem is,
can I really say goodbye?


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