so, the story goes that once you fall in love
you can remain in love forever
humpf… i wonder…
I have lived a life, for the past three months,
of love, in fact I still am in love
I have seen the face that I wish to see,
I have felt the body I wish to feel,
I have loved the person I wish to love
I know that now, but it is not the perfect love
there is interference in our love, one that has
been known from the first seductive moment
one that has been ignored, watched, listened for,
felt, surmised, intimidated, pushed aside, mislead,
mistreated, have lied to, kept secrets from, and still
loved, from a lovers standpoint and from a mothers standpoint
but still, we kept going on. Each day I went on I fell more,
and more in love, every word that past between us made me feel
as though love was here, every little thing I saw, said again to me
that this is a love I wished to be, the coffee, the smile, the look
in your eyes told me that this was true, the meeting at the hospital,
the time in bed when you returned from a phone call, jumped in the air
spun around and landed in my arms exactly where you had left from
the meetings at the studio, the discovery of our sanctuary, the food at your place,
coffee, lunch, walking with you to wherever you had to go, the removal of my shoes,
and the songs, all meant one thing to me, we had found our love
But not really it seems, some things are just too hard to take, the fact that we are not
truly each others, we are lying to our selves along with everyone else
having to live in secrecy makes everything we have done too hard to deal with


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