Et tu Cleo?

Once again it has happened
the greatest love of all has
surfaced and touched the earth
It does this you know
every few years, or is it millennium,
who knows
but it does happen,
the love the world is jealous of
the love every man dreams of
the heart of hearts
the soul of souls
the eternal one
Cesar & Cleopatra have risen again
their love so great and true
the love even they can not believe is so strong
they have done it,
they have found each other again
this time is different, this time there are ppl.
but stop them no, it could not be done
they have found each other yet again
and they know it will end again, but like this?
did it have to end this way, one mistake was made
not even one that had any meaning or effect
except on Cleo,
it was a mistake so bad that
she herself took the place of all the Roman senetors
she needed no one else, there was no Brutus,
no Mark Anthony, no… there was only Cleo
and Cleo walked up to Cesar
with open arms and proceeded to pull out her knife
Cesar looked up and saw the look on her face
as she slowly pushed it towards his chest
it pierced the skin, rolled off his ribs
twisted slightly as it approached it final resting place
directly in the heart of Cesear,
and as he held the handle of the knife
he looked directly into her eyes with tears
rolling down his cheeks, his brain numb from
the unbelievable fact of what just happened
he said, Et tu Cleo?
it was over, never again will it be this time
Et tu Cleo
not a chance of bringing it back
Et tu Cleo
Cesar has met his end, the last ringing whisper
from his mouth to his ears
Et tu Cleo
Et tu Cleo…
the greatest love of all has died
never to return again,
Et tu Cleo…

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