In my life I have never been built up so high and dropped down so hard
I have seen life, and I have seen death, not in wars, but in families and friends
I have seen love, I have seen un-love, I have seen what can happen when friends are friends
And I have seen what can happen when friends are there no more
I have seen lovers build a love so strong only to become friends, and I have seen friends become ends
The ends of all communiqué, the ends of memories, the ends of all that was kept,
dropped like a fish back into the sea of humanity
I have seen promises becomes just words and those words become empty lies
as if they were never offered, never spoken by parties that put them on the table
to be removed in a flash, like a magician removing a table cloth under a place setting for 10
the door is shut, the end is here, no more will there be a form of communication that can be relied on
no more will there be a late night chatting about all things considered
no more with there be a love of which I had always hoped would come into my life
yes it is true that there is another, a lover that has been there for ever, a lover to whom I have done what should not have been but,
it has been done and I so wanted to carry on, not with one but two until I carried on no more
but the other decided no, what was started must be stopped, it can not go on, no way.
I was replaced by the world, I needed to stay, I wanted to stay, I cried to stay,
but was shut down and then shut off…


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