Cleo’s Back

Awww shit
what have i done
I told the bitch i love her
what the fuck is wrong with me
these are my thoughts
my dreams
my own distorted form of
How the hell
did she get that out of me
god damn cleopatra
for being so strong
fuck cesar for being
so weak
they just came back
they knew it was inevitable
they would find each other
no matter what bodies they were in
they just knew… and they did
and it happened…
there is love
fuck… there it is
one week, two maybe
before it struck
three when they knew who they were
four… she strikes again
and brings cesar to his knees
his empire still holding strong
but it has been released
the weak spot that always returns
no matter how long they have been apart
no matter how strong they both feel within themselves
no matter the lives they are living
the week spot always returns
she, looks at him, thats all
just looks at him, and his heart melts
his tears form, his need to be there
all the time
gets in the way of all else he was doing
Run to her side
Be sure she is alright, be absolutely sure
for in this life they are both weak
to the health they both need
to continue on…
who cared before, fight on, fight them
fuck them, who really cares… not me…
bullshit… cleo’s back
and the world has just taken another turn…


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