A Dream

I have awoke from a slumber
one strong and deep
with no reason but something
must have happened to
pull me out so fast.
I remember my dream
which usually never happens
my dream was someplace with
golden sands and warm temperatures
with a woman that seemed to be
of a world so different than mine
her hair matched the color of her skin
which matched the color of the sands
We were involved in such a tangle of love
that the gods would have been jealous
I felt this woman was a Queen, or maybe a Goddess
the kind you read about in Greek folklore
But beautiful she was
we were making love, in a tent of somekind
the tent door open so we could see the sunset
as we made love
The sunset so pure of blues, reds and golds
reflected in her eyes as she looked at me
with a look that could bring any man to his knees
back and forth, back and forth we went
her moaning in my ear,
her auburn hair falling to the sides of my face
our bodies perspiring, and holding each other
so tightly that the embrace would never end…
then, suddenly I awoke
I did not want to, I don’t know why
but I feel I will be back again
it was very familiar, very far away, very alone
except for me and the woman I was loving
with all my heart and soul
I was loving

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