And So It Began

And so it began

We begin as friends just talking, nothing major, small talk but it lead to teasing, first I then she, but it kept up
We decided to meet, an early Sunday breakfast to talkabout what we were feeling or if was just a couple playing leading to nowhere.

We met for breakfast at my studio, sat and talked and figured out that yes, both of us were thinking the same thing but it was a bad idea since I was married and she, even though she had been through this before, did not want to be a “homewrecker”, which meant that we were going to go back to friends.
I explained to her that even though my life had been a great ride and I let nothing get in my way I was still very fucked up and only half of what I was if that. Explained to her that I have seizures, have had strokes already and in the past year I had a blood clot hit my brain, became paralized and have battled my way back to where not I am walking with a cane, teaching again, and just trying to get by. I was told that she understood all of that and none of it mattered and she understood my reasons for saying no to what we were talking about feelings wise. She got up, looked out the window for a few moments, turned and walked towards me. I was sitting on my drum stool that I use to paint on and she was right next to me. We looked each other in the eyes, she raised her hand and began to stoke the outline of my beard, I raised my head and then it happened… we kissed, and kissed again and again, then hugged and kissed, moans started to be heard, more kissing and stroking became involved and I believe that my no just turned into a yes! We kissed more, felt more, wanted more… We ended our breakfast knowing that we were going to see more of each other, wanted to see more of each other and needed to see more of each other.

That night I received this poem

yes we parted..

yes we parted
our lips to touch
we separated
ourselves from here
and now
as we embraced
and kissed and throbbed
we left each other
more parched, more longing
for that which we cannot have
nor be
it was
fire upon fire
lust beyond desire
a torment
emerging from an abyss
of loneliness
impetuous madness
on a path oft trodden
and yet untrodden
anguished, haunted
in the throes of a pain
and a remembrance
of a memory unforgotten
and unforgiven
a tremble and a shiver
solicitude and solitude
more and no more
we did not go there
but did
as we whispered and moaned
the murmurs of passion
like a peaceful stream
bursting into a waterfall
crashing on rocks of
absent willpower.
no more
no more promises not ours
to make or keep
let us forget
and embrace
and embrace again


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